The Chair of BIN-Norden is Professor at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Jorunn Spord Borgen. The day to day administration of the network is done by Western Norway University of Applied Science.

Don’thesitate to contact us on questions in relation to the network, Membership or purchase of the book Børn & Kultur i Norden (by Beth Juncker). If you know of conferences, Seminars, publications, or other things of interest to child culture research, do not hesitate to contact us and we will share this on the hompage.  


For questions, contact (admin: Ida Marie Lyså)


Contact information of the Steering Committe:

Jorunn Spord Borgen (Chair)

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

Helle Marie Skovbjerg

Niels Peder Osmundsen Hjøllund

Pauline von Bonsdorff 

Liisa Karlsson

Susanne Ylönen