The project ‘Nordic childhood(s) in Transformation – Methodology for New Understandings’ is an innovative project that aims to develop interdisciplinary knowledge and methods for studies of childhood. Our uniform understanding of the Nordic childhood is being challenged as the conditions for cultural participation by children and adolescents are negotiated and constructed in new ways through interaction between the local, regional and global levels.

The objectives of this project are to create an intensive course at master’s degree level to increase the competence of those studying to work with children and to encourage master’s students to engage in further research (at PhD level). Another objective is to strengthen and combine the different contributions from the intensive course to find innovative ways of promoting more interdisciplinary cooperation. There is a great need in higher education to renew existing understandings of childhood. In particular, it is necessary to renew our knowledge of the diversity of children and adolescents’ cultural participation and how we study it. Childhood can no longer be seen as a world within a world, but as different experienced childhood(s).

The participating institutions are: The Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, University of Eastern Finland, University of Copenhagen, Aalborg University and Bergen University College as the host institution. This network represents knowledge about children as they grow from newborns into adulthood and about differences in upbringing and education.