Welcome to the BIN-Norden conference 10-11 November 2016 at Oslo, Lysebu. Registration is open!

Childhood has often been seen as a sheltered world unto itself, but the realities of our modern society have given rise to a whole range of new childhood experiences. The conditions for cultural participation by children and adolescents are being negotiated and constructed in new ways through interaction on local, regional and global levels. This poses a challenge to our traditionally uniform understanding of Nordic childhood, which is strongly in need of renewal. In particular, we must deepen our knowledge of the diversity of children and adolescents’ cultural participation and develop methods of studying this essential facet of our society.

BIN-Norden invites researchers, educators and professionals with an interest in child culture research to present, elucidate and explore research and alternative methodological approaches to the study of new Nordic childhood, culture and heterogeneity.


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Registration deadline: 31st October 2016