BIN-Norden is a Nordic research network based on interdisciplinary child culture studies. It was established in the 1970s to promote children’s cultural visibility in society.

Currently BIN-Norden is working on subjects such as play, aesthetics, methodology, intergenerationality and the diversity of new Nordic childhoods by exploring:

  • Children as creators and users of culture
  • Children as social, local and global participants
  • Children’s lives academically, practically and artistically in context


The network provides a platform for exchanging information about current research, upcoming events and interesting publications. It also arranges biannual conferences and runs master courses and projects. The network seeks to develop Nordic and international cooperation while actively promoting the visibility of Nordic research within the area of child culture studies.

The members in the network are mostly researchers, but also practitioners, cultural producers and policy makers.

Become a member and use our platforms for visibility, network activities, arrangements, publications and to get in contact with associated researchers!

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  • Facebook: BIN – Barnekultur i Norden
  • Twitter: @NordenBin


For further information on the network, arrangements, reports and associated researchers, please see our homepage (in Norwegian).

For an overview of conferences, seminars, exhibitions in the child culture field, see our calendar.

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BIN from 2013: Child Culture Research – an Interdisciplinary Scientific Topic 

2018 conference: Childhood and Materiality (Jyväskylä, Finland)

2016 conference: Fears and Pleasures in Nordic Childoods (Lysebu, Norway)

2014 conference: Child Culture Research – an Interdisciplinary Scientific Topic (Copenhagen Denmark)


BIN 2003-2012: Child Culture in the 21st century

In 2005, BIN-Norden launched a major Nordic knowledge-gathering project. It was a collaboration between the Nordic Council of Ministers’ steering group for child and youth culture (BUK) and the Nordic Child Culture Research Network (BIN). The aim was to examine child culture in the Nordic countries through Scandinavian research.

From the 1960s until today, Scandinavian child culture has gone through a number of radical changes.  BIN-Norden wanted to explore these changes and their importance for our conceptions of children, childhood and child culture:

Through three conferences, held in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2005, Lysebu (Norway) in 2006 and Reykjavik (Iceland) in 2007, such questions were addressed and discussed. Peer-reviewed papers from these conferences can be found on the BIN-Norden webpage (some publications in English).


2007 conference:

2006 conference:

2005 conference: